“One of my classmates was Tina Swinford a Sr Recruiter for Professional Staffing Group, which just received the honor of 2017 Best Employment Agency in Mississippi by the Ms Business Journal. Tina referred me to one of her colleagues, Sarah Wolfe, CSP, who found the position and company that best fit my skill set. I accepted and start on Monday. I have also been able to send them several referrals because I know they do such an amazing job. Thank you Professional Staffing Group, a Mississippi Woman owned business”

Director of Marketing

I’m doing well! My law firm is a fantastic place to work; it feels like home!

Executive Legal Secretary

Everything is going great!! You guys don’t know how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me! Thank you!

IT Support Technician

So good hearing from you! Everything is going well. I really enjoy working at this firm, and I love the staff. Hope you and the PSG family are all well, too!

Legal Receptionist

Hello! It is wonderful working with this company. It’s great to hear from you as well! Thanks for checking in.

Medical Office Front Desk Clerk

Everything is going great! I am very happy here and love the people I am working with! I hope all is well with all of y’all!


I wanted to let you know that I really love my new job. They are keeping me extremely busy, but that’s okay, because I love keeping busy. I am really enjoying learning so much about hospital administration and all the procedures and planning that goes into running a hospital, especially from the financial and ambulatory side. My two bosses and my co-workers have been very nice and helpful. What else can I say, so far things are going wonderfully! Thank you so much!

Hospital Administrative Assistant

Working for and with PSG was a pleasure! You all made the experience such a rewarding and memorable one. You all were always there, so accommodating. I will never ever forget you all. PSG really exemplifes and lives up to its name, “Professional,” because that’s exactly what you guys were and are to me!

Receptionist, Law Firm

Thanks! Couldn’t have done it without the fine folks at your agency!

Executive Assistant

I am pleased with the service I have received from Professional Staffing. I have been placed by PSG on two different occasions, one many years ago and one in the present. I am thoroughly pleased with my newest position.

Legal Assistant