Working with PSG: What to Expect

Your adventure begins with comprehensive interviews with one or two of our recruiters. They listen actively, explore your strengths, and identify any potential stumbling blocks.

But, we also do much, MUCH more!

  • Guidance and coaching to shape up your resume and prep you to ace your interview
  • Testing and assessments of your skills and resources for improvement
  • Candid discussion about salary range and compensation potential
  • Follow-up to keep you current on activity, opportunities, and feedback
  • Education on company culture, compensation, and benefits
  • Negotiation on your behalf when an employment offer is made
  • Assistance with travel and relocation arrangements
  • Open reception of any disappointment or discontent you need to express
  • A team of advocates to cheer you on to success!

Whether it’s temporary work, a better-opportunity job change, or professional-level contract assignments, we are here to help connect you with the best opportunities in our region.

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Answers to Common Questions:

Does it cost me anything to use your services?

No, there is never a fee to job seekers.


I’ve never worked with a staffing agency before. How does this work?

If your qualifications meet the requirements for one of our open positions, we will present your resume to our client with the goal of getting you an interview. We then work with both you and our client to help meet everyone’s needs: your need for a position and our client’s need for a highly skilled, highly qualified employee.


How do I register with you?

To be a PSG Candidate, you must meet PSG standards and possess the necessary education, skills, and experience for our job opportunities. Register by uploading your resume or inputting your information manually on our Candidate Registration page.


Do you take walk-in appointments?

No, we do not take walk-in appointments. Please register with us first. If you are qualified for any of our open positions, we will contact you.


I’ve submitted my resume to you by email. What’s the next step?

Our Specialty Recruiters review resumes every day and will contact you promptly if you meet the preliminary requirements for any open positions.

If you are not qualified for immediate openings but have experience or skills in our specialty areas, we may contact you for registration prescreening. We will create a candidate record for you in our searchable, proprietary database so that our technology can match you to new job opportunities. When an opportunity comes along with requirements that match your qualifications, one of our Specialty Recruiters will contact you with more information.


What type of jobs do you fill?

We specialize in placing candidates in the following areas:

  • Legal
  • Accounting/Financial
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • IT/Technical
  • Business Administration

For more information, please visit our Speciality Areas Information page.


I registered with you in the past. How do I get reactivated?

Please contact us by phone at 601-981-1658 to let us know you are available again.

We will also need an updated resume from you. Email your up-to-date resume to Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx) and Portable Document Format (.pdf) files are best.


Is it okay if I’m registered with other employment agencies?

We do not require exclusive registration with us. However, please inform your recruiter if you are working with other services in order for us to be more effective in our efforts on your behalf.