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Your business is not like any other. You have unique goals, challenges and strategic advantages. So why would you settle for cookie-cutter staffing and recruiting solutions?

At Professional Staffing Group, our expertise is understanding yours. We partner with you to gain a full understanding of your business so we can understand the nuances of each job. With that understanding, we can find the right person for every role, whether the need is temporary or full time.

Our team is here when you need us, and as an independent staffing company, we don’t have any of the red tape you often find with other firms. We tailor our solutions to your needs so that we can always deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Employer Staffing Services

Whether you need someone to cover a leave of absence or a team to help you with an increase in demand, our flexible, temporary staffing services keep you fully staffed while controlling costs. Every temporary associate we refer to you is fully screened, vetted and verified to meet and exceed requirements.

Hiring always comes with risk. With temporary-to-hire services, you can reduce that risk by testing an employee on the job before making a commitment.

  • Spread hiring costs over time.
  • Ensure a good fit before hiring.
  • Reduce potential unemployment costs.

Access top talent in our market area for managers, supervisors, mid-level professionals or professionals with tough-to-find skills.

  • Cut downtime on unexpected open positions.
  • Free up HR resources to attend to other key functions for the organization.
  • Save time with candidate summary presentation with video if desired.

Our ProApproach Service Model ensures value with verifiable metrics:

  • PSG placement ratios are often 1:1 (one client interview to one hire) and rarely over 1:3.
  • We use today’s top recruiting technology with a masterful command of social media.
  • Nearly two decades of proprietary passive candidate database development.
  • Our skilled specialty recruiters have extensive HR and industry-specific experience.

Do you require a key professional for your team? Count on Professional Staffing Group for advanced and specialized searches. ProApproach Candidate Evaluations ensure your time is only invested in qualified candidates. The ProApproach Recruitment Process is Design, Execute, and Place:

  • In-depth analysis of client, position, and industry to design strategy of search.
  • Search, execution, identification of qualified candidates within strategy time frames.
  • Progress reports verifying activity throughout the search process.
  • Consultative candidate summary presentation with video, if desired.
  • Follow through with salary negotiation, onboarding, or relocation support services.

Do you have a complex or large-scale process that requires access to skilled people for a set timeframe? Leverage our project-based recruiting solutions to assemble an effective team, quickly.

  • Cost-effective solutions for multiple position needs.
  • Custom design to client needs and time frame.
  • Engagement of multiple specialty recruiters using the ProApproach Recruitment Process.
  • A project manager assigned to client on- or off-site to ensure timely communication and successful hires.
  • A project progress monitored through weekly activity reports.
  • ProApproach Candidate Evaluation reduces client time and frees up HR resources.
  • Available turnkey HR support and payrolling services if desired.
  • Follow through with salary negotiations, onboarding, or relocation support services.

Finding people with the right skills to succeed is only half the battle when it comes to staffing and recruiting. You also need to find people who will fit in well at your organization, who share your values and who are aligned with your culture.

Professional Staffing Group offers cultural assessments as part of our profiling process, so you know that your new hire will be positioned to make real contributions and has the potential for long-term retention.

Alleviate administrative burden on your internal staff. PSG can handle payroll for your contingent workforce or your new hires. As a local company, we respond quickly to all of your payroll concerns. Why choose Professional Staffing Group?

  • Reduce administrative costs and employment liabilities.
  • Create flexible staffing solutions and contain costs for projects.
  • Use thorough qualifying and/or training periods before providing company benefits.
  • Full circle online access to client/employee payroll information.
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