PSG Solutions

Professional Staffing Group’s independent ownership means flexibility with “home court advantage” that cuts costs and outperforms the competition.


Temporary Staffing

Short- and long-term temporary employees…

  • Cover vacation, medical leave, and special project needs.
  • Address unexpected, last-minute needs.
  • Handle administrative or office support needs in our specialty areas.
  • Staff up for projects or provide special skills.
  • Comprise a ready supply of skilled office support, customer service, call center and help desk temporaries.


Temp-to-Hire Placements

Try-before-you-hire, flexible placement solutions for full-time hire needs…

  • Spread hiring costs over time.
  • Ensure a good fit before hire.
  • Reduce potential unemployment costs.



Place your recruits on PSG’s payroll to…

  • Reduce administrative costs and employment liabilities.
  • Create flexible staffing solutions and contain costs for projects.
  • Use thorough qualifying and/or training periods before providing company benefits.
  • Full circle online access to client/employee payroll information.


Direct Hire / Mid-Level Search Recruitment

Access top talent in our market area for managers, supervisors, mid-level professionals or professionals with tough-to-find skills.

  • Cut downtime on unexpected open positions.
  • Free up HR resources to attend to other key functions for the organization.
  • Save time with candidate summary presentation with video if desired.


Our ProApproach Service Model ensures value with verifiable metrics:

  • PSG placement ratios are often 1:1 (one client interview to one hire) and rarely over 1:3.
  • We use today’s top recruiting technology with masterful command of social media.
  • 15 years’ development of proprietary passive candidate database.
  • Our skilled Specialty Recruiters have extensive HR and industry-specific experience.


Professional Search

Advanced search with specialization for top-tier talent outside our market area. ProApproach Candidate Evaluation ensures your time is only invested on qualified candidates.

ProApproach Recruitment Process is Design, Execute, and Place:

  • In-depth analysis of client, position, and industry to design strategy of search.
  • Search, execution, identification of qualified candidates within strategy time frames.
  • Progress reports verifying activity throughout search.
  • Consultative candidate summary presentation with video, if desired.
  • Follow through with salary negotiation, onboarding, or relocation support services.


Project-Based Recruitment

Service solutions for multiple assignments or large-scale projects.

  • Cost-effective solutions for multiple position needs.
  • Custom design to client need and time frame.
  • Engagement of multiple specialty recruiters using ProApproach Recruitment Process.
  • Project manager assigned to client on or off-site to ensure timely communication and successful hires.
  • Project progress monitored through weekly activity reports.
  • ProApproach Candidate Evaluation reduces client time and frees up HR resources.
  • Available turnkey HR support and payrolling services if desired.
  • Follow through with salary negotiations, onboarding, or relocation support services.