Jane Sanders-Waugh, JD

“At PSG, everyone owns their job. My job is to ensure PSG Directors and staff have the tools, training and support they need to achieve company and personal goals, then get out of their way.”

Jane’s Story

”Oh dear God, please don’t let me be normal!” says Louisa in the Fantastiks, one of my favorite musicals. I was not much older than the character when I made that my prayer too. I am not sure if my prayers were answered or if God has a sense of humor, because I am anything but normal!

“Not normal” led me to get a formal education in multiple fields: science, art and philosophy – but to make a living in business.

“Not normal” led me to co-found the first employee-leasing firm in the Southeastern United States, then earn my law degree from Mississippi College at age 40. Finding myself unemployed and unmarried in a recession, I proved the adage that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and I launched the first “Contract Attorneys” services firm (Legal Resources) in the state.

“Not normal” led to the creation of my current business, Professional Staffing Group, LLC.

With over 20 years of experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, I have enjoyed bringing people together to collaborate, explore interests and create opportunity. My heart is in helping people—clients, candidates, employees, friends or strangers. It’s all about personal and professional growth.

In my personal life, I gravitate towards the arts, which I find to be inspiring, challenging and creative. When I am not working, you can find me acting in small local theatre productions or writing poetry for my own enjoyment.

When I need to escape, I retreat to my backyard to meditate and garden, or I will engage in yoga and pilates. Seeking the truth in all things, especially myself, keeps me full of humility and humor. One cannot take oneself too seriously; we are all in the life game together. Live authentically, forgive genuinely—this makes for lasting relationships both personally and professionally.

Jane’s Role

Jane is the Owner/President of Professional Staffing Group. She is committed to a management style that fosters both the professional and personal growth of employees and delivers a service experience beyond expectations to clients, candidates and partners.

At PSG, everyone owns their job. Its culture is grounded in personal responsibility and accountability, and Jane seeks to ensure that PSG Directors and staff have the tools, training and support they need to achieve company and personal goals. Then, she likes to get out of their way.


  • BS, Education, Speech & Theater, Mississippi College (1973)
  • JD, Mississippi College (1991)
  • Active Member, Mississippi Bar Association
  • Active Member, Capital Area Bar Association