What is Strategic Staffing and Why Your Company Needs It


You’ve more than likely heard the term “strategic staffing” bandied about. What is it, and why is it something your company should seriously consider implementing?

Strategic staffing, according to the book Strategic Staffing: A Comprehensive System for Effective Workforce Planning, Second Edition by Thomas P. Bechet, is “the process that organizations use to identify and address the staffing implications of their business strategies and plans”

It basically means taking a look at your firm’s staffing patterns in the past, looking at what business/sales initiatives are coming up and figuring out how many regular employees, as well as temporary or contract workers, will be needed to get the job done today, next month and five months from now.

“Yeah, right,” we hear you saying. “In my company, planning ahead means calling me Friday to say Jack’s going on paternity leave and we need a temp for six weeks starting Monday.”

Hang in there; hear us out.

Looking at your staffing needs strategically means your company will look at staffing as a solution instead of a problem. We all know that planning ahead is smart for any endeavor and staffing is no different.

After all, what’s that old saying? “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”? Same with staffing.

Some additional benefits of strategic staffing:

Ever have the feeling you have too many employees? Your gut is probably right. Most companies have too many workers at some point, whether it’s right after a big hiring push (in order to make sure you had enough people to deliver a new initiative or fulfill a huge sales order), or just in general, most companies run heavy when it comes to workers.

But a strategic staffing plan helps you see when you don’t need that many regular employees. And, when you do need workers, a staffing firm can help you find the talent you need when you need it (and take it away when you don’t).

How can a staffing firm save you even more time and money? Oh, let us just count the ways

  1. You’ll cut your time and costs in recruiting. Much of the recruiting process is “lost” time and money– most of the people you interview are never hired. Let a staffing firm do the resume culling, interviewing, etc. for you.
  2. Do you have a lot of turnover? That’s expensive (it can cost two or three times a person’s salary to replace him/her). Let the staffing service incur that cost.
  3. You can reduce your overtime costs considerably by bringing on temporary workers to work during peak times only.
  4. If you need to let a temporary employee go, there’s no unemployment insurance, etc. because the worker is your staffing partner’s employee, not yours.

We have many more examples about why it’s smart for a Tri-County company to a) create a strategic staffing plan and b) work with us, the Professional Staffing Group, to build and implement it. Contact us today to learn more!