Seven Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process: Part 1

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By Sammi Caramela, Writer April 17, 2018 02:07 pm EST

Hiring new talent is an inevitable, expensive, and critical part of being a business leader, and it’s more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. There are many employer mistakes that might deter candidates, from poorly-crafted job descriptions to lack of communication about applications. However, there are a few steps you can take that might ease the process and encourage only the best applicants.

Here are seven tips to help improve your hiring process:

1.  Build a strong employer brand.

According to an Office Vibe report, more than 75% of professionals are passive candidates who aren’t currently looking for jobs, but are open to new opportunities. Building a strong employer brand not only reduces employee turnover by 28%, it also attracts these passive candidates to your company over others.

A Glassdoor survey found that 69 % of respondents are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its brand by responding to reviews, updating the company’s profile and sharing updates on the company’s culture and work environment.

When you focus on building a well-known employer brand, you won’t have to do as much active recruiting. You’ll be a highly desired organization, flooding with applicants.

PSG’s Takeaway:  Reputation Management and Branding are major components of a business’s marketing strategy.  Reviews are a massive part of the web now, and an absolute essential for online businesses.  So why do reviews work?  In short, it’s the power of social proof.  People need reassurance and confirmation that their actions are the right ones. Reviews are also vital for local businesses, whether or not they sell online, thanks to their prominence in local search results. In fact, 88% of consumers online read reviews to determine the quality of local businesses.

Google Reviews are the most important reviews as most people use Google as a search engine.  A Google My Business listing is now an absolute essential for local search. It’s free to set up and is one of the best things you can do to improve local SEO visibility.  What’s better, you don’t need to be an SEO expert or to hire one to get the basics right.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to claim your Google My Business (GMB) page. We’ve listed the information you must include on your page for it to be effective:

  • A long and unique description of your business.
  • Choose the right categories.
  • Key information on opening times.
  • Lots of imagery.
  • Regular updates.
  • A local phone number and business address.
  • Reviews from customers that are monitored and answered daily.

2.  Move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Office Vibe reported that the best candidates are off the market in 10 days. It’s important to act quickly, especially when you know you’re interested in a specific applicant. Even if you haven’t made a decision yet, you should follow up with the candidate often, discussing further details of the position to ensure you’re on their radar. Also, respond to any questions or concerns right away to keep job seekers updated throughout the process.

PSG’s Takeaway:  Because of today’s tight job market, the number of open positions is greater than the number of active job seekers.  So, when you believe you’ve found the right candidate, act fast.  Candidates can afford to be picky with their job hunt, and if you wait too long to show your interest in the potential employee, he or she will have either found another job or will have a negative impression of your company.

3.  Write better job descriptions.

Many companies write descriptions with lists of responsibilities and requirements, but a study found that this can alienate qualified employees, The Wall Street Journal reported.

In the study, U.S. and Canadian researchers rewrote 56 job ads to emphasize two different approaches:  the Needs-Supplies approach, which focuses on what the company can do for the candidate, and the Demands-Abilities approach, which focuses on what the company expects from the candidate. Of the 991 responses, applicants who responded to Needs-Supplies job listings were rated higher than those who responded to the Demands-Abilities ads.  Focus on what your company can do for potential employees, and you’ll attract candidates who better fit your needs.

PSG’s Takeaway:  The bottom line?  Write a clear and concise job description detailing what the company can offer the candidate, from benefits to a positive work environment to family-friendly initiatives.  Don’t focus on your company and its merits.  Focus on what YOU can offer the candidate that no one else can or will.

4.  Embrace digital trends and social media.

Most people want to work for companies that keep up with the latest tech trends. Part of embracing the digital age means using public social media profiles for candidate research. Like most employers, you’ll probably do a standard background check on applicants, but the candidate’s social media profiles can offer more details about the individual as a person and an employee, for better or for worse.
While it’s legally risky to allow a candidate’s social media activity to factor into your hiring decisions, it can give you a better picture of someone you’re interested in hiring.

PSG’s Takeaway:  Businesses should promote their technology on their websites and in interviews and how that technology is newer and better than competitors.  More importantly, stress how the technology will help the potential employee in his or her job functions and continued learning.  Another piece of advice, make sure your company has an online presence via social media, so if the candidate researches your company, he or she will consider it legitimate in its industry.


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