Five Signs that Should Raise a Red Flag on Your Job Hunt

Are you currently on the job hunt?  Well, finding a new job is often a tedious task, but, once you find the right fit, the search is well worth it.  If you’re currently employed at a job you want to leave, or you’re without work, you could find yourself applying for dozens of job, many of which are far from your dream position.

Fortunately, in today’s economy and tight job market, you can afford to be picky.   If the job doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  Here are five red flags to heed when searching for jobs, especially on the internet.

1.  The prospective employer’s online presence is nonexistent or is presented in a negative light by both former employees and clients.

Ever apply for a job, and you just can’t seem to find out much about the employer?  Well, it’s probably a sign that the company has no legitimacy in its industry.  Well-branded businesses maintain a presence on the web via a website, social media profiles and online reviews.  Pay close attention to whether the company appears in a Google search.  If it doesn’t show up, it’s a red flag.  Reviews are equally, if not more important.  While it’s easy to write off a negative review and consider it a random act of a scorned employee, if more than one former employee has rated and reviewed the business in a b ad light, then there is probably truth behind the complaints.  Also, pay attention to the customer reviews, for if customers are saying bad things about the company, its reputation most likely speaks volumes about its integrity.

Some questions to ask yourself:  Has the company ever been the subject of controversy?  Did the organization ever have to defend its actions?  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

2.  In your interview, the prospective employer doesn’t give you the attention, time or respect you deserve.

Have you ever walked into a business for an interview and have felt uncomfortable?  That the employees are rude and unhappy?  That you are an unwanted presence?  Chances are, you’re probably wasting your time.  The hiring process is an expensive process for a business, so employers should not waste their time of candidates in which they have no interest.  If you have a negative initial impression with the hiring manager (i.e., he or she treats the interview with apathy) or the work environment, it’s likely that the prospective employer makes frequent hiring mistakes, has an inconsistent company culture or has a high turnover rate.  Bottom line, don’t waste your time.

3.  Before and/or during your interview, your questions aren’t answered or are ignored.

When you read a job description on a job board or on a company’s website, watch out for vagueness or text that makes the job appear too good to be true.  In our experience, if it seems too perfect, it is.

If you decide to interview, and the hiring manager pushes your inquiries aside, he or she could have something to hide.  Since an interview is a preview of what your life could be like at the company, the prospective employer should be very transparent, naming both the frustrating and exciting elements of the job.

Our advice?  Test how open the hiring manager is by asking tough questions.

4.  The interviewer gives you a hard sell or an on-the-spot offer.

If a prospective employee tries to persuade you that he or she has the solution to all of your problems or a job that’s “perfect for you,” you should probably question his or her motives.

And what if the interviewer offers you a position upon first meeting you?  Most likely, this means the company doesn’t have a long-term plan.  If a situation like this arises, tell the interviewer that you’re excited about the opportunity, but you need more time to think over your decision.  If the company is legitimate, it shouldn’t have to be desperate to fill a position.

5.  The position forces you to put aside your career objectives.

To avoid this red flag, you’ll have to do some homework before you start searching for your new job.  You should ask yourself what five qualities your job must have (i.e. flexibility, a specific industry, etc.) and then determine if the prospective position has all of these characteristics you desire.  If you find yourself compromising on your must-haves, and then rationalizing those concessions, you should be wary of making a rush decision.

In most cases, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to fit the job…the job should fit you.

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