Important Skills You Can Learn Quickly to Help Your Career


If you’re in the market for a new job, it never hurts to add valuable skills to put your candidacy over the top for hiring managers. There are some important skills companies want that are pretty easy and quick to learn. If you want to impress interviewers, bring these talents to the table. To get started, take a closer look at learning these skills.

Microsoft Excel

It may sound elementary, but spreadsheet skills are increasingly more important in the workplace. Many people fly by the seat of their pants, but this can lead to major mistakes and less efficient work. If you have MS Excel experience, you may have a better chance at landing a job that requires it.

This also means advanced skills like formulas and pivot tables. A small investment of your time to learn the software could lead to more advanced career opportunities.

Microsoft Power Point

Similarly, people with strong PowerPoint skills are in demand. This goes beyond just adding pictures and text. Some companies need professionals with advanced skills to help with detailed training programs and more.

Like with Microsoft Excel, learning this is pretty easy for anyone who is interested in technology. PowerPoint also provides the ability to showcase creative skills for the right person.

Public Speaking

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling socially anxious from time to time, but public speaking is a big part of a lot of jobs. Companies may need people to do client or customer presentations, provide customer service, sales or other communication activities.

If you are comfortable in front of crowd, you’ll have an advantage over your shyer competition. And shy people have a place in business as well, but feel free to accentuate your personal strengths in this way.


Content is king. Companies with regularly updated blogs get more hits on their websites and more possibilities to attract new customers. But not everyone is skilled with written communication online.

Even if you’ve blogged as a personal hobby, this can be leveraged for companies interested in improving their online presence.

Web Design and Development

Similarly, companies often need to update information on their website, but are hesitant to do it based on the pricing required by their web design companies. For small tweaks, it can be cost prohibitive to take it to the experts.

However, if they can rely on an internal employee with web design experience, they will be more inclined to keep the website updated, which can only improve business.

Do you have the skills companies are looking for in new employees?

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