Setting Your Career Goals For 2019


Do you want to find a new job in 2019? Or maybe you just want to advance in your current position or achieve career growth. In either case, it’s imperative to have a plan of action to help you achieve your career goals for the year. Before you start sending your resume or talking to your boss about a promotion, consider how to create a plan and stick to it.

Write Down Your Plan

The act of writing something down is a powerful ritual. It can help you visualize your plan and launch it. Don’t just think about your goals, write them down. Put them in a planner or a journal so you can look at them often.

Start with your over-arching broad goals. What is it you want to accomplish in your career this year? The next five years? Write down everything, even if you think it’s out of reach.

Break it Down to Tasks

Once you see your goals on paper, it’s easier to create a real plan of action. The next step is to break your goal down into actionable steps. For example, let’s say you want to become a lawyer. Consider the steps you need to take.

  • Study for and take the LSAT
  • Apply to Universities
  • Determine where you want to go
  • Find housing

These are just illustrative of what your actions might be for whatever goal. It’s never as cut and dry as “go to law school,” for instance, there are always additional steps in between.

Take Daily Action

When you know what your goals are and you have a list of steps you can take, it’s essential  you take at least one step every day. No matter how big or small, one step will keep you headed in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a new job, challenge yourself to send three to five resumes or online applications a day. Go to one networking event per month. Reach out to one new contact and set up a coffee meeting. Each little step can have thousands of returns.

Schedule Regular Reviews

Your plan doesn’t have to be etched in stone. As you take the small steps to reach your larger goal, reevaluate on a regular basis. If something isn’t working, take time to determine a better solution to that particular problem.

Reviewing should happen often. Make a plan to take a look at where you are at the end of each month to see what improvements can be made to your plan or goal.

Are you ready to make a plan for your goals this year?

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