How to Successfully Reenter the Workforce


Everyone knows that reentering the workforce can be difficult, regardless of why you were out of it. Before you begin applying to new jobs, it’s important you update your skills to demonstrate what you bring to the table today. There are a few things that can give you the advantage and give the hiring manager an incentive to pick up the phone and call you. Here are a few tips to successfully reenter the workforce.

Update Your Skills First

Step one is take a look at your skills and be sure to update anything that may no longer be marketable. For example, you may have experience with older forms of software, so take some time to learn the newest versions or whatever is being used by your industry today.

By updating your skills before applying for a job, it shows a potential employer you’re willing to take initiative rather than waiting for employment to learn on their time and dollar.

Start Networking

Step two is let everyone you know you’re looking for work. Don’t wait for networking events to network. Talk to your friends and family. Make a post on Facebook. Tell your dentist or someone you meet in the grocery store.

You should also start attending networking events in your industry. This will be a great way to meet people who may be decision makers. Also, apply with a staffing service that can help you expand your network.

Ask for Advice

Take time to ask for advice from others in your industry or those who have recently re-entered the job market after time away. They can give you some insight on how to find a new opportunity in your community.

The best thing about advice is you can pick and choose the things that work well for you. If someone suggests something that worked for them, but may not be a fit for you, you can tailor it to be better suited.

Practice Interviewing

You should also spend some time practicing your interview skills. It’s a lot like riding a bike, but meeting an employer face to face can still be intimidating. Read information about common questions or how to improve your body language.

You can also ask your friends and family to help. Do mock interviews, so you can process information on the fly like you would in a real interview.

Be Open to New Experiences

Finally, something to keep in mind throughout your re-entry is to be open to new experiences. While things may have changed a lot since your last full-time job, you will need to make some concessions and learn new things along the way.

Just because something wasn’t a fit for you in the past, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good solution for you in the future. Be willing to look at all the options.

Are you prepared to reenter the workforce?

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