How to Keep Your Employees in the Loop


One of the most common complaints from unhappy employees is a lack of communication. It’s important for leaders to keep their team up to date on what’s going on at all levels of the organization. There are a variety of ways to make communication a priority in the workplace. If you’re looking at new ways to ensure communication is at the top of your list in the coming year, here are some tips to help you get started.

Regular In-Person Meetings

While so many employees roll their eyes at the idea of too many meetings, the problem was never the meetings themselves but how they were executed. Taking too much time away from the work day backfires, so keep these meetings short and to the point. Use them as a way to check in and communicate important new information, but don’t bog them down with unnecessary information.

Virtual Meetings

If in-person meetings aren’t possible due to remote working situations, don’t forget the benefit of a virtual meeting. This allows your remote team to still feel like they’re part of the company and not isolated.

But keep the rules the same for these meetings. Conference calls can take far too long if they’re managed poorly. Stay concise and use them just to check in.

Instant Messages

For more regular communication, you can utilize instant messaging systems to encourage your team to communicate with you and one another. There are several technologies available, such as Slack, that can give your team access to instant communication.

This will be a great way to keep meetings from going too long, so your lines of direct communication are always open, with in-office employees and remote workers.

Improve Emails

Finally, take some time to improve your ability to write emails. Emails can be easily misunderstood since they don’t come with body language. And don’t think that emojis are a substitute for better communication.

Email can be effective, but it does take some investment of time. Be sure to thoroughly read every email you receive before firing off a response. Be cautious about including information that can be misinterpreted.

Leverage Technology

There are a variety of ways technology can help bolster communications in the workplace. Not only can you use video interviewing or instant messaging, but having the right systems in place will make everything run more smoothly.

From the use of smart devices to communicate on the go to engaging with social media, technology is changing the way we communicate with one another. And the workplace is the perfect place to look at new and innovative ideas.

Do you want to improve your company communications?

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