Are You Investing in Employee Happiness? If Not, You Should!


Did you know that happiness on the job directly correlates to increased productivity and company loyalty? If you’re not investing in employee happiness, it should be a priority for 2019. In a job market that is squarely in favor of candidates, it’s important to focus on keeping your current talent happy on the job, so they don’t become restless and look for other opportunities. Here are a few ways you can invest in employee happiness in the coming year.

Find Out What They Want

Gone are the days where management can have a “do what I say” mentality toward their employees. The truth is, the economy has shifted to being an employee-driven market, so if your team is unhappy, they will be more than happy to find a new opportunity.

Take time to find out what would make your team happier. Do they want more money? More flexibility? More creative control? How can you make this happen for your team?

Plan for Retention

A lot of companies focus on their hiring plan for the coming year, but that doesn’t factor in the need to reduce turnover. Instead, focus on how you can keep your current team engaged on the job, so you don’t need to account for replacements.

Employee engagement is the key to ensuring your employees remain loyal to your company. If your team is already engaged, they will have the attitude their contribution is valued and their employment arrangement fair.

Create a Collaborative Environment

For so long employers focused on competition to motivate their team to perform better. But generational shifts in the workplace are changing this paradigm. More of your employees thrive in a collaborative environment rather than feeling like they’re pinned against one another.

It also helps to build healthy co-worker relationships, which definitely contribute to positive work environments and satisfaction.

Have a Culture of Gratitude

Don’t forget the power of a thank you. Your team wants to know they are appreciated for their contribution. This isn’t just about special achievements or rewards, but about being valued for simply being a part of the company.

Gratitude is also contagious. As you thank your team for their hard work, they will be more likely to share their gratitude for one another in the office.

Do you want to keep your team happy and engaged?

At Professional Staffing Group, we help our client companies hire the right people and keep them satisfied on the job, so you don’t have to start over. Talk with our experts today and let us help you connect with the top talent in the area.

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