Reasons You Should Reject a Job Candidate


The hiring process often feels like it’s about ruling people out of consideration. As much as you would like to hire everyone, you may only have one job opening and multiple candidates to consider. But there are some red flags that should help you make the right decisions. Before you move forward with any candidate, consider whether they have the right skills, personality traits and professional acumen. Here are a few reasons that may contribute to the rejection of a candidate.

Sloppy Education

Pay special attention to how they discuss education on their resume. Do they have a number of programs that aren’t a fit for what they’re looking for in a job? Education can be tricky, because there are a lot of reasons people try new things. But if you sense a pattern that indicates they don’t often finish what they started, it could be a red flag.

Wrong Skill Set

If you’re looking for someone with accounting experience, you’re not likely to hire someone with an administrative background. But people will often apply for jobs for which they are unqualified because they feel like they have no other choices. If they don’t have the skills set you need, you can pass unless you see something interesting they can bring to the table.

Unsuitable Personality

The interview process is meant to help you determine who will be a good fit with your current team. If you get a sense this person is not going to be a good fit with your employees, it may be a red flag. Sure, hiring a variety of people with different mindsets can be a good thing, but if the personality match is too far off, it could be like trying to mix oil and water.

Lack of Passion

If they lack the drive, motivation and passion for the work you do, they may not be a good long-term fit. Are they negative in the interview? Do they criticize past co-workers or managers? This may be a red flag that they’ll have the same attitude in your workplace.

Are you seeing too many red flags in your application process?

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