Four Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Job Interviews


Your palms are sweaty. Your collar is too tight. Your heart is beating so fast it feels like it could pound right out of your chest. Interviews are scary things, and it’s okay to recognize that. But the most important thing is how you handle it. Since interviews aren’t going away any time soon, it’s essential you learn to manage your fear and project confidence and expertise when walking into the office of a hiring manager. Here are four tips that can help you overcome that fear.

Be Prepared

Before your interview, do your homework to learn as much as you can about the job and the company. This will allow you to frame your own experience in a way that will fit what the company is looking for.

You should also be prepared with additional questions. If you ask questions, you’ll take the focus off you for a few moments so you can pause and regroup.

Focus on the Positive

Don’t talk about any negative situations from your past job, even if they’re the reason you left. If an interviewer hears a candidate talking negatively about their co-workers or managers, they’ll be concerned that you’ll have the same attitude in their office.

Your attitude is important and it can make all the difference. Stay upbeat and positive throughout your interview.

Practice Relaxation

It can also help you fight off your fear if you take some time to practice relaxation techniques ahead of your interview. The most effective is controlled breathing. Take a few moments ahead of your interview to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.

If you find yourself panicking at any point in the interview, stop for a moment and breath in and out deeply. The hiring manager will just believe you’re preparing to answer the question and will think nothing of it.

Boost Confidence

There are also a few tricks you can use to boost your confidence ahead of an interview. Some people benefit from repeating mantras or affirmations before their interview. Others will strike a power pose, like a super hero, ahead of going into the meeting.

Before the interview, take inventory of your most positive traits and focus on those when you’re speaking to the interviewer. It can help you remember why you’re qualified for the job and avoid anxiety.

How can you avoid fear before your next interview?

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