What to Consider When Thinking of Hiring an Overqualified Candidate


As a manager, you’ve surely had instances where you consider an applicant overqualified for your open position. But is hiring someone with more experience a bad thing in the long run? There are several things to consider when looking at hiring an overqualified candidate. Don’t dismiss them outright just because you have a picture in your mind of what the perfect candidate looks like. Here are some things to think about during your hiring process.


Step one is to find out why the candidate is interested in your open position. There may be a number of reasons a seemingly overqualified person wants to work in this role. They may want to take a step back in order to have more work/life balance. Or maybe they were a victim of layoffs and are trying to get their feet wet again.

But most importantly, their motivation for wanting the job has to match with why you think they would be a fit for your company.

Long-Term Goals

Step two is about assessing that. It’s time to look at your company’s long-term goals as well as the candidate’s. What do they want to accomplish with their career that working in your company will help them do?

It is okay to decide the long-term goals don’t match and move on to another candidate, but it’s important to talk to them in depth about it to make sure you’re not making a snap decision.

Cultural Fit

The third step is to determine if this candidate will be a good fit with your already established team. Will they come in and learn from your staff? Will they want to take charge and bully the team? Will they fit in socially and professionally?

You may be able to utilize their experience and skills to train your team as well, so consider the positive benefits of incorporating them into the corporate culture.


Finally, you need to take a look at what it is they can contribute to your company. Any professional relationship should be mutually beneficial, so must determine what it is you can contribute to their career.

Working with someone you consider overqualified doesn’t have to be automatically negative. There are a lot of positive outcomes from hiring someone who brings more experience to the table.

Are you considering an overqualified candidate for your open position?

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