Tips for Interviewing for a Job Promotion


Would you be perfect for a different position in your company? If so, you may want to put in for that promotion. When you do, you’ll probably need to navigate a traditional interview process as if you were a brand-new candidate. If you’re not prepared, it could impact your chances. So how can you get prepared for this kind of interview? Here are a few tips that can help you in the process.

  • Follow the appropriate application instructions. When you’re applying for an internal position, don’t assume you can circumvent the proper procedures. Go through the same channels everyone else has to in order to be considered. Otherwise, you may find yourself missing out on key aspects of the process. But you can also speak directly to the manager or department head to make sure things are going through properly.
  • Talk to your boss when the ball is rolling. If you have decided to apply for a promotion, communicate that to your current boss. You will want them to speak highly of you for the new opportunity, so having them on your side will be important. They will also want to know how this will affect your current role.
  • Continue to do your job well. To that point, don’t mentally check out of your current job while you’re waiting on news about the promotion. Even if you’re an excellent candidate for the role, as soon as you begin to waver in the work you’re currently doing, the company will take notice. You may even need to train your own replacement before you can fully start in your new role.
  • Highlight your experience with the company. Throughout the process, you need to highlight what makes you stand out from your competition. In this case, if other candidates are from outside sources, you should highlight why hiring from within will be to their advantage. They will need to provide training on the specific position, they won’t need to teach you about the company culture.

Are you ready for a new position in your company or otherwise?

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