Three Ways to Improve Your Brand to Attract Top Talent


When a company discusses branding, the understanding is very different in 2018 than it was just a few decades ago. It isn’t enough to buy a newspaper ad or list your company in the phone book. Today, a company brand will establish how people communicate about your business. Social media, word of mouth, and general reputation are all critical for sharing your company’s story. This will attract customers but also help attract quality candidates. Here is what you need to know about branding your business to attract top talent.

Shared Mission

You already know personality fit is important with your new hires. In some ways, it may be more important than their hard skills. Someone with the perfect professional background may not be a good match for your office environment or core values. Your company brand will communicate your mission statement before someone even contemplates applying for work with your organization. For example, look at big companies like Google who make it very clear what the environment will be once someone starts working with them.

Provide Value

Money should never be the only motivating factor for accepting a job. When employees accept jobs based entirely on salary, they will also be likely to use this criteria for leaving your company for another opportunity in the future. Instead, take a look at benefits beyond salary. Individual and creative perks can go a long way to attracting talent and keeping them engaged. Some creative ideas companies are using include offering sabbaticals, paying for pet insurance, or providing gym memberships.

Improved Retention

Building a better company brand and having the recognition and positive reputation not only helps you attract better candidates, it will also keep star employees engaged. Happy and satisfied employees aren’t likely to look elsewhere for career satisfaction or more money. Your employees will also become your brand ambassadors. They will be loyal to your company and spread the word about why it is a great place to work and a great place to do business.

Do you want to improve your employer brand to attract the best candidates in the area?

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