Tips for Discussing Career Goals With Your Boss


Many employees are concerned about sharing their career aspirations with their bosses. Why is that? Well, if you have long-term goals that might not align exactly with the company, you fear some type of retribution or being passed over for other opportunities within the corporate structure. But sharing your goals strategically could boost your career, instead. It can provide a great opportunity and even strengthen your professional relationship. Here are some tips to help you communicate effectively.

Ask for a Meeting

Your boss should be invested in your long-term satisfaction. This means they should be open to talking with you about your thoughts and ideas for the future. The first step should be simply asking for a meeting. Tell them you want to talk about your career goals and how you might be able to work together. If they are focused on retention, this should be an easy meeting to schedule.

Prepare Key Points

Before you meet with them, plan your thoughts. Write down the important things you want to talk about. This may include your current satisfaction with your job, things you would like to accomplish, and innovative ideas you might have for the future of your career, as well as their business.

Avoid Saying the Wrong Things

Where employees start to get into trouble is when they position these meetings as an ultimatum. Make this a conversation with give and take, rather than only telling your employer what it is you dislike about your job. You may also not want to focus too much on goals that don’t align with the company’s values and mission.

Stay Positive

Throughout the conversation, stay positive. Positivity is contagious and it’s critical to a constructive conversation to demonstrate how you want this to work. Let them know you are happy with the situation and that you simply want to expand it. Be grateful for the experience and give them the positive reinforcement they also need to be satisfied that you’re eager to work together for the future.

Are you ready to discuss the next steps of your career with your manager?

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