Different Types of Interviews and How to Prepare for Them


An interview is an interview is an interview, right? Well, in today’s modern world, informed by technology, that isn’t always the case. You may be asked to solve a problem, go to lunch, or be invited to a Skype interview. It’s important to know how to be prepared for each one. Before your next interview, here’s what you need to know about the potential types you may be asked to participate in to land your next job.

Traditional Interview

Most of us are familiar with the traditional interview. You’ll arrive at the company’s corporate office, meet with their hiring manager, and get asked questions about your experience. They may also tell you about the job itself. To prepare for this, you simply have to dress well, practice your answers, and focus on your body language, right? Well, you should also make sure you’re on time and interact professionally with everyone you meet.

Phone Interview

Many companies are employing phone interviews to prescreen new candidates. This may be a first step before a traditional interview or, in some cases, replace them altogether. Candidates should treat phone interviews the same as traditional interviews by preparing ahead of time. They should also make sure they are in a distraction-free environment.

Skype Interview

Technology is expanding the way companies do interviews. For remote jobs or as a replacement for a phone interview, some are using Skype to conduct a video call. Prepare generally the way you would for a traditional interview. Make sure your equipment works ahead of time, avoid distractions, and be presentable by dressing like you would for a traditional interview.

Lunch Interview

Some companies want to see what candidates act like when in a more casual situation. A lunch interview isn’t just a chance to get a free meal. You’re being evaluated on everything you do, from what you order to your table manners. Be aware of this while you’re meeting with them and focus on your body language.

Group Interview

For certain positions, you may be called in for a group interview. You’ll be with a group of candidates who will all be briefed on the specifics of the job. This is a way to weed out candidates who may not be interested in the type of position being offered. Put your best foot forward to see what they have to offer.

Working Interview

Interviews can only shed light on so much. Companies want to see how individuals work when they’re faced with real life situations. A working interview is a way to do that. Some companies will offer a paid working interview for a day or so. Others may work with a staffing agency on a temp-to-hire basis.

Puzzle or Problem-Solving Interview

Finally, some companies now are trying to evaluate candidates’ problem-solving skills. They will invite an applicant in and present them with a puzzle or some other type of problem to solve. They want to see the critical thinking skills and innovation.

Are You Prepared for Your Next Interview?

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