The Benefits of Having One-on-One Meetings With Employees


Are you having one-on-one meetings with your employees? If so, it’s time look at whether these are a regular event or if you only set up these meetings to address problems. You may want to consider having regular one-on-one meetings to check in with each member of your team and discuss not only problems but also their strengths and their long-term goals. Here are just some of the benefits of meeting with your team one on one.

  • Assess their motivation levels. Everyone has a motivational tide. They ebb and flow depending on a number of factors such as personal situations, enjoyment of work and the season of the year. By meeting with your employees one on one, you can check in with them about their current motivation levels and make improvements as necessary.
  • Address performance issues. Waiting until an end-of-year review to go over any performance issues is too little too late. Performance issues need to be addressed as soon as they are noticed in order to effect any change. Don’t address an individual’s performance issue in a group meeting, as this will embarrass them.
  • Highlight accomplishments. It’s also essential that you take the time to recognize the accomplishments that each of your employees have made to your organization. A culture of gratitude will spread and give your entire office a motivational boost with one employee at a time. Be truly grateful for their contributions and demonstrate it in how you manage.
  • Plan for future goals. You will also want to get a feel for what employees are looking for in the future. Companies that don’t recognize the need for career growth are likely to have higher turnover as good employees leave to get career satisfaction elsewhere.

Are you looking for more management tips to ensure your team is happy and engaged on the job?

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