The Best Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager at an Interview


Before going into a job interview, it’s important to research the company and prepare questions to ask the hiring manager. There are a variety of questions that will not only give you the right perspective on the job, but also let the manager know you’re serious about working for their company. So what questions should you be asking a hiring manager at your next interview?

What Is the History of the Position?

Few candidates think to ask this question, but it will provide quite a bit of information. What you want to find out is how long this position has been open, any struggles to find the right candidates so far, and whether this is a replacement or a new position.

If the position is a replacement, why did the last person leave? Was it for problems with the position or management? Was it for disciplinary problems? Was it because they weren’t a good a good fit for the role? Why was that?

If it is a new position, why was that position created? What are the company’s expectations for this role in the future?

What Do They Expect You to Accomplish in the First Six Months?

Beyond the history of the position, it’s also good to assess what the company’s expectations are. To be honest, the company may not have thought about this in exactly those terms, so by asking the question, you will force them to evaluate their own expectations in a different way.

You may want to drill down deeper as well. Not only do you want to know what they expect of you in that time, you also want to know what their goals are for the company as well as the individual role and department.

How Do They Measure Success?

On the same line of thinking, you also want to know how they will measure success for the company as a whole and for this role specifically. What metrics do they review regularly to determine whether this role is living up to their expectations? Is it just a matter of the bottom line or are there ratings regarding satisfaction or other aspects of the position that contribute to success.

Understanding how a company measures success will give you a better understanding of how you will fit into the overall corporate culture. If you are a big-picture thinker, you may not succeed in a company that focuses on the processes rather than the results.

Do you want to prepare to ask the right questions before your next interview?

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