The Best Interview Questions to Ask an Accounts Payable Clerk


Interviewing is an art, and not every manager is skilled in it. That’s okay, no one is born knowing how to interview. Every job is unique, and what happens when you need to interview an accounts payable clerk for an open job but you’re unfamiliar with what to ask. It’s important you learn about their training and experience and how they’ve prepared for the role. But there is so much more. Here are some things to get you started.

  • Why do you like accounts payable? Some people fall into this line of work without any real connection to the processes or interest in the subject. You want to see if this is a person who just wants any job or is interested in your specific job. If they can’t tell you reasons they want to be in this role, they may not be dedicated to it.
  • Describe the process in detail. You want to make sure that every candidate you bring on board has a full and complete understanding of the AP process. Someone who has been doing it for a while should be able to give you a point-by-point description of what they do and why they do it that way.
  • How have you handled discrepancies? They may need to take responsibility for their own actions or they may be willing to clean up mistakes others have caused. In any case, they should be able to tell you about a time this occurred in their career.
  • How have you been able to improve processes? Ask them about their accomplishments within the AP field specifically. Most job seekers today understand the value of sharing their success with a potential employer, but they may not do it unless prompted with an interview question.
  • What software have you used? Talk to them about the specific software you use and see if they have experience with it or if their technology experience can be easily translated to your current systems.

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