4 Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding


There is a startling statistic that indicates many employees will leave a new job before their first 90 days are up. This dissatisfaction generally boils down to their negative experience with company onboarding. They may feel they are ill-equipped to handle the job, they are not given the right tools or training, or they are thrown to the wolves. They may also feel they are not welcomed by the rest of the company and are uncomfortable during their time there. But you can stop this trend from happening by reevaluating and revamping your onboarding program. Here are tips to get you started.

  • Have everything ready. We see it all the time. Companies hire someone for an open position, but fail to have their office, desk or equipment ready when they arrive. Take some time in the days before they start to ensure your new employee will have everything they need. Set up their workstation and provide supplies so they don’t feel ill-equipped to handle their first day.
  • Introduce them to everyone. The first day should really be about getting to know the office and the people in it. Don’t expect your new employee to feel comfortable introducing themselves to everyone. And don’t expect your employees will feel compelled to do so. Take the initiative and bring your new team member around to meet everyone. This will take off the pressure on both sides.
  • Pair them with mentors. Your new employee already has the skills they need to do the job, so their training may be less about hard skills and more about getting to know the work style your company prefers. Rather than traditional training, pair your new employee up with a mentor who can not only show them what to do, but also share some insight about working with your company.
  • Follow up for feedback. Far too often, companies will wait until the 90-day review to provide feedback. If there were any problems along the way, this is already too late. Instead, share feedback with them as necessary, but don’t just limit it to corrections. Tell them when they’re doing something well. Also, allow them to provide their feedback on the process to you.

Do you want to create a positive onboarding experience for new employees?

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