Tips for Building a Relationship With Your Boss


You spend more time at work in a day than you do at home with your family. So while you’re working, it’s imperative you are able to build a strong working relationship with co-workers and especially, your boss. Learning from your manager is a great way to advance your career and challenge yourself with new ideas and skills. But how do you go about building a good professional relationship with your boss? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Watch and learn. Like anyone else, your boss has had experiences throughout their career that have shaped them into the manager they are today. What can you learn about what they do and how they do it? Take an interest in their workstyle and try to adapt whatever you can to your own to help you better understand them and learn new ways of doing things.
  • Communicate their way. You may also want to take communication cues from them. Maybe they prefer face-to-face or telephone communication to email and texting. Do what you can to accommodate this. While you may be the opposite, it will help you build a good working relationship to take their style into account.
  • Show initiative. Every boss likes to see employees who are willing to take initiative and responsibility on the job. Offer to take on a task that no one else wants to do. Go ahead and make decisions you feel are in line with your company’s projects and values. Demonstrate you’re willing to move forward.
  • Act and look professional. This may sound like a strange way to make a great impression on your boss, but appearances do influence how we feel about other people. If you come to work late every day or don’t always adhere to the company dress code, it will be noticed. Value yourself by being professional and you will be valued by your employer.
  • Do good work. Finally, building a good relationship with your boss will always come down to whether or not you do good work. Are you reliable? Are you consistent? Are you good at what you do? Always focus on the outcomes and outputs and be sure you’re meeting goals and expectations.

Do you want to build a professional relationship with your boss?

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