How to Stay Productive While Unemployed


Being unemployed doesn’t mean you have to disengage from the working world. Even while you’re looking for a new opportunity, there are ways you can stay productive that will help you when it comes time to find your next job. While you’ll want to update your resume and work on customized cover letters for each new application, you can do more to make the most of your time away from a conventional job. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Volunteering in your community. There are organizations in your community always looking for additional help. There may even be opportunities to use your skills. Volunteering not only keeps you engaged, but also provides a way to keep your resume up to date, and networking opportunities.
  • Learning a new skill. You may also want to go back to school or take a continuing education course. There are also plenty of things you can learn online, even for free, to add new skills to your resume and stay engaged while not working. For example, if you’re interested in technology, why not get a foundation in coding with some of the free courses on Codecademy?
  • Catching up on your networking. While you’re unemployed is a great time to connect with people you’ve worked with in the past. Work on your online profiles, such as LinkedIn, and reconnect with old co-workers and managers. Invite them to meet up with you to talk about what they’re doing and what you’re looking for in the future.
  • Focusing on other projects. While many people say looking for a job should be treated like a full-time job itself, the truth is you’ll have a few more hours in your day even if you spend a good amount of time applying, networking and volunteering. Is there a project you’ve been wanting to do? A novel you’ve been wanting to write? Whatever it is, take some time to make it a priority along with your job search.

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