Important Topics Leaders Should Cover When Meeting With Their Teams


Oh, the dreaded staff meeting. This weekly event can cause your employees to roll their eyes or huff in frustration. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A team meeting can be an essential and productive part of your workweek; it’s only a matter of getting the details right. As a leader, what should you talk about when you meet with your staff to make sure the message is concise and understood? Here are some tips for important topics you should be covering.

  • Most important outcomes. Get right to the point. What are the most important outcomes you want from the meeting? Start with the most important information, so everyone gets the message and can return to work understanding what their contribution needs to be. This should be the most important outcome for the meeting itself and for the goals of the project or company.
  • The risks. You should also be clear about any risks associated with the work you’re doing. That isn’t to say safety, but being prepared for things that could go wrong will help your team avoid them. What is at stake for this project and this customer? What are the biggest things they need to watch out for when working on this?
  • Important data. Your team doesn’t want to be kept in the dark, so the more information you can provide to be transparent, the more they will trust you as their employer. Look at the data that will help your team succeed. For example, tell them about your current profit levels, the goals for profits and your costs, so they know what they need to achieve in their individual goals to help the company meet theirs.
  • Bad habits to shed. A good meeting can also help with eliminating bad habits. Where this can become a challenge is when a manager uses a meeting to call out a specific employee’s behavior by discussing it as something everyone needs to avoid. In those instances, it’s better to have a one-on-one conversation. But if there are aspects that everyone should learn about, a meeting is a great place for that discussion.
  • Improvements for the future. Of course, and important way to close any meeting is to discuss the improvements that everyone, from management down, can make in order to meet goals and succeed in the future. Talk about these at a high level, and then discuss what every individual can do to make an impact.

Do you want to make the most of your staff meetings?

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