“Why Shouldn’t We Hire You?” Trick Question, or Opportunity to Impress?


You may think you’re prepared for any question that comes your way in an interview, but are you? What happens when a recruiter throws a curve ball your way? “Why shouldn’t we hire you,” may sound like a trick question, but it could be a great opportunity to make an amazing impression. So, how should you answer this question? Here are some tips.

  • Talk about a personality trait. To avoid going down a rabbit hole of negative information, use this as an opportunity to discuss a specific personality trait. Since this is kind of a trick question, this may be the one case where turning a negative into a positive will be welcomed. For instance, you may talk about how your shyness can help you be more analytical and logical in certain situations.
  • Be honest about your weaknesses. When you discuss your weaknesses, make sure you also provide details on how you overcome them or work to ensure they are not a problem in your day-to-day work. For example, you may explain that sometimes you can be disorganized, but talk about how to have created systems to help you keep better track of your time and projects.
  • Showcase your strengths. If you want to answer their question honestly, make sure you turn the tables and give them information about yourself that will showcase your strengths as well. “Well, I am always on time and incredibly reliable, so I wouldn’t imagine that would impact your decision not to hire me.”
  • Avoid negativity. Negativity is the biggest destroyer of job chances, so stay positive at all times. Don’t use this as an excuse to speak poorly about someone else, because you will give them a reason not to hire you. Use positive language even when discussing your weaknesses.
  • Don’t give them what they want. Lastly, you can creatively avoid the question as well. For example, you might say something like, “I honestly don’t think I could tell you not to hire me. My background fits with your needs and I am eager to work for your company.” Avoid crossing the line from confidence into arrogance, but use the research you’ve done on their company and job to craft an answer that will convince them they want to hire you.

Are you ready to make a great impression in your interview?

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One thought on ““Why Shouldn’t We Hire You?” Trick Question, or Opportunity to Impress?

  1. Great article!
    I have had an interview last week and recruiter asked me the same question but i was actually confused in what to answer exactly as it was my first interview. After reading your article now i understood how to answer this question properly and also knew what the intention behind asking this question by recruiter. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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