Fondren Gets a Face Lift And a Tummy Tuck

Having recently had a drooping eyelid lifted, I know how a bit of what some would consider merely cosmetic surgery can improve not only how you see the world but how the world sees you. It, also, leaves you with an embarrassing black eye for a short period. It has been several years since a significant federal grant was awarded for the purpose of improving traffic and pedestrian access within the Fondren business district, our quaint while vibrant verging on eccentric corner of Jackson.  After years of planning, shuffling money and waiting the work is now well underway as is the associated headaches of traffic congestion, jack hammers and heavy machinery (our black eye). This is all occurring at the same time that two new boutique motels, a new bank and a new facility for family members of cancer treatment patients at the medical center. So, when you visit us this month, please endure the traffic and parking nightmare knowing that the end result is going to be a delightful experience for those shopping, dining, conducting business or simply living in our home community. And be thankful that all these projects are happening simultaneously. We know that in some ways it’s a greater headache now, but imagine if they had occurred consecutively, we would be in this mess for years without the beautiful final product.

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