Our Favorite Things – Christmas 2017


Last month, we looked at the activities around Jackson, seeing that the City of Soul is ripe with activity.

This month, the holiday season is upon us. The pumpkins are carved, the turkeys are stuffed, and the lights on the trees are starting to be strung – hung with care, in air brisk with excitement but warmed with the fellowship of others. Some have traditions, and some are beginning anew. Many individuals venture far for the holidays and many still stay near.

I asked a few of our employees at PSG what they enjoyed doing for Christmas, and I heard just a few of their favorite things.

“Christmas movies – the classics.” Myra listed out several that she enjoys, listing White Christmas as her all-time favorite. “Seeing the Christmas lights,” Lisa piped in. Both stringing her own and seeing other’s works of art, she listed a live Nativity as a destination to drive to down in Byram.

Around us in the Fondren area, the neighborhood is full of festivities. Just two floors beneath us in the Fondren Corner Building, Spirit House Glass creates lovely ornaments and gifts for friends and family. Down the street, Monique listed the “Light-A-Light fundraiser… definitely one of my favorite traditions.” The Batson Children’s Hospital is just down the road from us, and close to home to many families of Jackson.

A few miles further, the Chimneyville Crafts Festival was listed by several recruiters as a wonderful occasion. For over 40 years, the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi has hosted this perfect kickoff to December, right in downtown Jackson.

A date I have planned is to Canton’s Victorian Christmas Festival; I haven’t been, but I’ve been told the “City of Lights” is breathtaking – maybe I’ll take her ice skating at Christmas Wonderland Mississippi beforehand. Don’t tell!

A day off,” Theresa said. Leisurely mornings and waking up when you wish – or when the children do it for you. Are you an employee of PSG? Be looking for an email closer to time as the holiday approaches detailing specifics of Christmas and what that means for your time and pay.

From the sights to the lights and the cold Christmas nights, these are a few of our favorite things – what are yours?


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