4 Ways to Make New Employees Feel Welcome


Any new employee will have a period of adjustment when they start a job at your company. But how you welcome them and what happens within their first few days will influence their entire time at your company. An astounding 28 percent of employees leave a job within their first 90 days, and onboarding is 100 percent the reason why. So how can you break the cycle and make your new employees feel welcome?

  1. Set up their workplace and equipment. The biggest mistake companies make is not being fully prepared for their new employee. There have been more times than we can count that a brand new employee had to cool their heels and wait for computers to be set up or even for a works pace to be located. The simplest way to avoid problems is to take time the day before their first day and get everything ready for their arrival.
  2. Create a mentorship program. Isolation can be troubling for a new employee. They don’t know anyone in your company and can feel literally and metaphorically alone. Create a program in your office that pairs a seasoned employee with your new hire so they can learn the ins and outs of day-to-day life in the office. This mentor doesn’t specifically train them on the job, though that can be a component, but they show off the office culture.
  3. Provide access to company information. Being left in the dark can also cause an employee to feel unwanted and untrusted in the workplace. While you don’t have to share the most confidential of information, your new employee should feel some ownership and buy-in for the organization. Give them access to the data they need to do their job and what they need to feel confident that your company is doing well and thriving.
  4. Conduct regular check-ins. Many employers will wait the entire 90 days before providing valuable feedback at the first review. But it would be too late to repair any damage done. More importantly, you should provide regular feedback as it is necessary. Don’t just limit it to corrections, either. Make sure you’re telling the new employee how much you appreciate them as well.

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