Retain Your Best and Brightest in 2017

Employee Meeting2016 is passing into history, joining such illustrious years as 1994, 1588, and 1215 in the billions-long list of years whose like we shall not see again. But in comes 2017, full of promise, full of hope, and unfortunately, full of the potential to lose your company’s best workers.

Your top performers are naturally the most ambitious, always looking for that next target to hit, that next challenge to overcome. This means that they’re also the most likely to jump at an exciting new opportunity, especially if they feel bored, underappreciated, frustrated, or like their career is stagnant.

Replacing those top employees can be a long, difficult, and very expensive process, with no guarantee of a good fit. So how do you make sure your company isn’t blindsided by a New Year’s resolution? There are a couple of strategies you can implement:

Challenge them

Most of us have been in a job situation that has felt a bit tedious at times, where the job has been too repetitive, too boring, too unfulfilling. While that kind of stability may work for some, it’s a waste of your most motivated, high-potential employees. Give them assignments with actual meaning, ones that may affect the company’s future. Take them outside their comfort zones, and force them to think outside the box. Their sense of accomplishment can be worth as much as a big raise.

Put them in the right environment

Success is not a foregone conclusion, even for the highest-potential workers. But by creating an environment that encourages and motivates your best and brightest, you can both keep you star employees happy and improve your bottom line. Have like-minded individuals work together, either as mentor/mentee or in teams, to create a loyal bond and maybe even some friendly competition.


It may seem a bit clichéd and trite, but people who feel valued and respected are far more likely to perform at their best and be happy in their jobs. Openly communicate with your top employees, give them the one-on-one time they need to express their concerns, and encourage the kind of creative, determined problem solving that made them your best in the first place. It will not only make them more excited and help them feel valued, their feedback will likely help you improve the running of your company.
Having regular performance reviews is a great way to open up a dialogue. A well-done performance review will make them feel appreciated for the things they get right and give them new targets to aim for and motivate themselves.

Holding onto the top talent is essential in any business. Contact us today for help building and retaining your all-star team.