3 Questions for Your Resume Editor

Job interview with hand.

To edit your resume beyond simple typos, have a friend edit your resume, and ask them these three questions:

1. What kind of position does it look like I’m applying for?

When your resume finally gets in front of a hiring manager, you never want his or her first question to be, “Why exactly did this person apply?” You might be able to see how all your disparate experiences connect to make you an awesome candidate for the job, but that’s not always obvious on paper.

Having your reviewer take a stab at guessing what kind of position you might be going for gives you a pretty good idea what types of roles you look qualified for. If the answers you get are too off the mark for comfort, consider tailoring your resume more to the position.

2. At what point did you start skimming?

If you can pinpoint the spot when it stops being interesting, that’s exceptionally good information to have when it comes to editing. Consider rearranging your sections a bit to be more engaging or making sure your bullets impress as much as possible.

3.Do you have any questions after reading my resume?

If your reader can’t understand what you’re trying to say or is wondering why something is included, consider it a red flag for editing.

Original article from The Muse