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Could “Test Drives” Solve Your Hiring Problems?

This quote that leapt out at me in a recent New York Times story:

“For every three hires, only one was working out,” [Mona] Bijoor said of her company’s first couple of years.”

The story talks about a “new” solution—called “test drives”—that more firms are using to stop the bleeding on turnover and hiring mistakes that hurt the company’s culture and bring productivity to a halt.

Here’s how it works: At the digital company Joor (a wholesale fashion marketplace based in New York City), new hires are brought in on 90-day contracts, where they’re evaluated each month on their ability to be productive and fit in with their colleagues and the culture of the business.

It’s a great idea, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have their own HR departments—and where a smaller staff means a bad apple could “spoil the whole bunch” when it comes to morale.

What struck me personally, though, is how this “new” solution is something that I work on every day at Professional Staffing Group!

We call “test drives” something else: “Temp-to-Perm.”

Here’s how it works: You tell me you need to fill a position; PSG completes the search, testing, and screening of potential candidates, working with you to place the best candidate. You then contract with PSG for a limited amount of time with that employee.

If things work out, you can convert your “temp” to “perm.” If things aren’t a fit, we can end the assignment and place another candidate.

As an added bonus, the candidate is also not harmed by the re-assignment, since they’re always been a PSG employee and don’t have to report a short tenure on their resume.

Why is this such a good idea? Because “bad fits” can be extremely costly to a SMB. Back to the Times:

“If you are 1,000 employees, a bad hire isn’t a big deal,” said Jon Bischke, founder and chief executive of Entelo, a recruiting software company that is based in San Francisco and has about 20 employees. “But if you are a 10-person team, it can kill the company.”


This is serious stuff, but it’s why I love this business—the opportunity to help both candidates and business owners/managers is truly rewarding.

Ready to “try before you hire?”

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Emily Nichols
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