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Why Do You Need A Recruiter?IMG_8191 (1)

Let’s say you’re employed in a terrific job. Let’s also say you have skills that employers desperately seek.

You’re in the proverbial catbird seat – currently employed, in-demand skills — and you know it.

So you don’t need a recruiter? You’ll be able to find your next great job no problem. Nothing to see here, Mr./Ms. Recruiter. Keep moving along.

Or DO you?

Whether you have in-demand skills or whether your skills are outdated. Whether you’re currently employed and therefore are more “attractive” to employers, or whether you’ve been unemployed for months, having a recruiter on your team is a wise thing indeed.

Here are several reasons why:

  1. Recruiters often know of openings long before they are advertised. In fact, some companies never advertise an opening at all. They just call their trusted recruiter and say “find me a _______.” And the recruiter finds. If you want to be found, find yourself a great recruiter and/or staffing service.
  2. Recruiters have their pulse on the job market in your area. They have to — they’d be out of business if they didn’t. They often know the job market better than employers in your area do. After all, a recruiters’ livelihood relies on placing people in jobs. It behooves the recruiter to know things such as the going salary ranges for jobs, how easy/hard it is to find people with skills in demand in your area, and so on.
  3. Because recruiters have such in-depth knowledge of the prevailing job market, they can get the skinny when it comes to just how “hot” or “not hot” you and your skills truly are. Are you really as hot as you think? Conversely, are you really someone with that large “L-for-Loser” stamped on your forehead? A recruiter can give you the straight scoop.
  4. No matter how in-demand you may (or may not) be, a recruiter can help you present yourself in the most favorable light. If you haven’t interviewed in a while, you may need some coaching. How’s that resume of yours? Is it helping or hurting you? Written a cover letter lately?
  5. Recruiters don’t exist to find you a job. Their job is to find great people to fill their clients’ positions. Still, they’re experts at matching great people with jobs that match an individual’s skills and goals. So, yes, you may not need a recruiter. But it sure can’t hurt to have a good one “in your pocket” – such as the recruiters at the Professional Staffing Group, a staffing firm that’s been helping great people and great companies in Jackson, Mississippi and the Tri-County area find each other for just about two decades. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!