The 6 Unwritten Company Rules You Won’t Find in the Employee Handbook

The first days at a new job are so exciting even if you’re a nervous wreck; it’s exciting. You meet all the guys and everyone is so friendly. They even invite you out to lunch. Yes, you made the right decision when you said yes to this job.

Like all new hires, you signed a lot of papers that HR put in front of you. You signed an agreement stating you received the employee handbook, and you flipped through a few pages so the HR lady knew you were going to read it as soon as you got back to your desk. Whether you read the handbook or not, some of the most important rules are not in the handbook.

No doubt many of us have learned these unspoken rules the hard way. Not now. Leo McLeod over at explains how a company’s culture is what truly dictates the rules. Read the entire article here