Your W-2 Tax Form Is Coming

w2It’s that time of year and PSG has until February 2, 2016 to provide all employees with a copy of their 2015 W-2 earnings statement.

Good news, we are ahead of schedule! Expect to receive your 2015 W-2 Form before January 31st. It will be delivered through the U.S. Postal Service and mailed to your home address on file.

You can View your 2015 W-2 Information Now:

Current and former employees can view and retrieve an electronic copy of their 2015 W-2 by logging into the Paychex Secure Portal. The following hyperlink provides access to the site:

Login information that you will need:

  • PSG Company ID: 0472-N414
  • Your Username:     First initial of your first name and your entire last name
    • [Jack Doe = jdoe] lower case
  • Your Password:     1st initial of first name and last name and last 4 digits of SSN
    • [JD1234] all caps
  • Select the Secure Login button
  • Change your password.  Your new password will be exclusive to you.

Remember to Double Check Your Name and Social Security Number:

It is important that your name and SSN on your W-2 match the information that is on your Social Security Card. If that is not the case, please contact Theresa Robinson at 601-981-1658 or send her an email at

Mailing Address is not correct on the W-2:

If your address on your W-2 is incorrect, please note that a corrected W-2 is not required just for a change in address.

However, if you have not received your W-2 statement and forgot to inform PSG of your new mailing address, please send Theresa an email with your current information to

In addition, Theresa will help you obtain an electronic copy of your W-2 as well as resend your statement if it was returned due to undeliverable or incomplete address.

Any questions or concerns, just let us know.