How to Achieve Your 2016 Goals

 Let’s make 2016 different! Let’s not set resolutions that are bound to fail. No, let’s set goals we will achieve in 2016!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months? Write it down. Some might look at their list and realize why so many people give up on New Year resolutions. Think: How do you eat an elephant? That’s right, one bite at a time. Who’s hungry?

Tweak your list down to your “Top 10 Goals for 2016.” Now, take a hard look at your list. Which goal—when achieved– would impact your life the most? Then, be very specific about that exact goal you wish to accomplish. Write it down and set a date for it. Literally, write it down.

Studies have shown that the more senses we involve when learning or changing a new habit, the greater chance of success. So, even though you love your newest abc phone and xyz tablet, get a piece of paper and a pen. Write down your goal with a date to achieve it.

Then, tape a note with this goal in your bathroom, on your car dashboard, on your computer, etc. Keep it in front of you, so you don’t forget what you are striving for this year.

Now, brainstorm and write down all the skills necessary to achieve this goal. (Okay, now you can use your electronics.) Do you need to learn new software? Do you need to be more assertive? What do you need to know, learn or do to achieve this one goal?

Then, review your list. Choose one skill to focus on. This will be the one skill that will help you achieve your most important 2016 goal.

Successful people know their goals and they are intent on setting specific goals because they know where they want to go in life. You must set a specific goal with a clear understanding of the skills needed to obtain that goal. Each new skill acquired puts you one step closer to achieving your goal and to achieving success.

Now, list what is necessary to master this one skill. Then ask yourself, “Which one task will help me master this skill the most?” This will be the most important task to focus on each day.

You will repeat this process of choosing a skill to master and the tasks necessary to master it each time you have completed a task and then a skill. Each completed task moves your closer to mastering the skills necessary for achieving your goal. Each new mastered skill moves you closer to achieving your goal.

What? It’s only March? Well, repeat the process to find the next goal, skill, and tasks to work through.