Holiday Stress—Yours and Your Employees

Santa has it easy. He works one day a year and has a staff of exuberant, well-trained elves to do all the work behind the scenes. Compared to your holiday-harried work load and personal life, he’s got it made.

Well, those of us in the real working world know the holiday season usually brings long hours; rude, rushed customers; stressed out co-workers; and a frazzled boss frantically working on those end-of-year deadlines. And this doesn’t even begin to count the pressures of family and home life throughout the holiday season.

These additional stressors–along with society’s pressure of what a “perfect” holiday should look like and the emotional expectations we each bring into this season–can make work even more difficult. No wonder our nerves are frayed this time of year. In a poll of 600 full-time employees, “66% of the respondents reported additional stress at work during the holidays.”

Experts have found in countless studies that this time of year—this glorious and not so glorious holiday season—makes more people depressed and/or anxious than any other time of the year. So much for all those, “Ho Ho Ho’s!”

These holiday blues (or worse) are usually made obvious by a disengaged staff. In one survey of executives, 44% reported that productivity drops off the week before the holiday. Sure, we expect some lulls in productivity while our staff show some holiday cheer and act a bit more carefree among themselves. Yet, much of this lack of productivity—hence company profit—is from holiday burnout.

It’s only days before that fat guy in a red suit comes by with all those damn “Ho Ho Ho’s”, so what can you do as a business to stem the effects of stress, depression, anxiety and lack of productivity during the holidays? Fire them all! No, of course not.

What about turning your break room into a wrapping station so everyone can wrap their presents—with an extra hour or so to do so? How about relaxing the dress code for the rest of the week?

Offering flexible hours and telecommuting is a much appreciated way to improve the mood and work atmosphere. These options are especially valued to your staff with children at home during school breaks.

And, we at PSG can help. We have temps ready to work the holiday season. We can have someone in your office the same day you call—even during the holidays! Call us now! 601.981.1658.

Then, relax. Let your staff relax. The goodwill created will go far into 2016.