What Defines a Pro?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “professional” as “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace.” That’s true and good and we believe all professionals should behave like this, but the last definition listed says “following a line of conduct as though it were a profession.” That’s the definition that resonates with us at PSG.

Our conduct is our profession. The way we interact with people is our profession. We love what we do! And, we hope our professionalism reverberates with every client and candidate we serve.

In our interpretation, true professionals soar because the passion for their work can be felt. They always put their best foot forward, try their hardest, and take pride in every endeavor.

Are you a “pro”? Would your boss say this about you? What about your co-workers? Do the customers or clients you come in contact with consider you a professional?

If you know you are a professional, we want to talk to you. Register with PSG to get the ball rolling.