How a Staffing Firm Can Get Your “Foot in the Door”

Finding work isn’t easy, especially today and especially if you don’t have much of a professional network (which most of us don’t, unfortunately).

But while most jobs go to people who know people who are hiring (the ol’ “people hire the people they know” syndrome), there is a way to get around the “no network” conundrum: registering with a staffing service such as the Professional Staffing Group.

Why? Because we know the good guys! We’ve been in business since 1994 and we know some of the best Jackson employers. We know them upside down and sideways. We know the types of jobs they offer and the types of people who do well there. In addition, they know us and understand that when we talk to them about a certain candidate, we know that that candidate is a good fit for their firm. So they listen. To us. About you.

In addition, even if we don’t know of a company for which your skills and background is a good fit right away, or if a company that is a good fit for you doesn’t yet have an opening that  matches your skill set, we can place you in temporary assignments that very well may – and often do – become full-time positions.

We also offer what are known as temp-to-hire assignments. These are temporary assignments in which an employer has specified that it may hire the person assigned to work temporarily for the company, should it “all work out.” That is, if they like you and you like them, you easily could become their regular employee in just a few weeks. It’s a true win-win for everyone.

At the very least, working on temporary assignments will help you build a network of people who know your work and know you’re looking for work. Temporary work almost always results in gaining new skills. Most importantly, temporary assignments bring you an income while you look for something more suitable (just in case a temporary assignment doesn’t result in a full hire).

Professional Staffing Group has many great direct-hire, temporary and temp-to-hire assignments with some of Jackson’s best employers. Just take a look and then contact us to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!