What a Staffing Firm Can and Cannot Do for Job Seekers

If you’re looking for work in the Jackson, Mississippi area, we recommend you sign up with one or more employment services (including the Professional Staffing Group, of course).

Why? Perhaps the best reason is that, depending on your flexibility when it comes to the type of work you will accept, you could start working very quickly. Sure, it may not be a full-time gig, but even an afternoon answering phones is better than sitting at home surfing the Internet and not sending out resumes. (Yes, we know you meant to…). Plus, we can’t possibly count the number of times even a very short-term assignment ended up becoming long-term, if not a temp-to-hire, position. You just never know.

So while signing up with an employment service can help you find work, there is one thing employment services can’t do for you – and it’s a biggie:

As much as we like you, as much as we love you, as much as we think your skills are great, we can’t find you work if none of our clients have a need for the type of skills you bring to the table. For example, if you’re a boffo skilled machinist but none of our clients need a skilled machinist (and most of our clients are in the legal, healthcare, business, IT and accounting/financial sectors, so we don’t receive job orders for machinists), if you sign up only with us, you could be waiting a loooonnng time for a job.

Employment services are not social services. We love to find people work. We truly do. It thrills us no end that we’ve helped someone find a new career or, at the very least, find work to keep his or her family fed for a while until the “perfect” job for the individual comes along.

But our clients come to us to fill their needs, not the needs of a job candidate.

Yes, we will “shop” a great candidate around to our clients. But only if we feel that a candidate would be a great asset to a client. That is, we know our clients really well and if we feel you’d be a great match, even if a client isn’t looking for your skill set right then, we’ll definitely let the client know about you.

But it’s up to the client to say, “Yes!” We have no control over it.

The smart way to look at an employment service is as just one more tool in your job search tool kit. Don’t look at us as your only means to a job. We should be one of many. Use us and use us as much as you can, but you also should be looking at companies that need your skills on your own. Contact these companies. Apply for jobs. Update your LinkedIn profile. Network, network and network some more.

Yes! Register with PSG Let us know weekly of your availability. And then go out and hit the virtual (or real) pavement and do the work necessary to find work!