10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing-Week 10: Avert Costs Associated with Burnout

Managing staff is not just about cutting costs. It’s about effectively matching your staffing resources to the challenges and opportunities your business faces. If your staff is operating at peak performance or stretched due to increases in demand, your business may not be in a position to take advantage of growth opportunities. Overworking existing staff is not the answer and could actually backfire.

In this ten-part series, you will learn how PSG can help you create a staffing strategy that meets the day-to-day and peak-time demands of your business without overwhelming your employees. This is Week 10 in the series. To receive all ten strategies as a white paper, fill out the form in the side bar.

Strategy 10: Avert Costs Associated with Burnout

Since the recession, many companies have mastered the art of doing more with less. Quality, re-engineering, and right-sizing initiatives have resulted in unparalleled gains for American businesses.

But the longstanding mantra of running “lean and mean” is resulting in costs that few anticipated. In many instances, understaffing has become a threat—one that can jeopardize future prosperity and leave employees feeling overburdened and burned out.

Many companies may take the concept of “lean thinking” too far. They push direct staff to produce more with fewer resources. And as the stress increases, so do problems with quality, productivity, absenteeism, and turnover.

The additional personnel will help your staff avoid burnout, reduce the cost of defects, avoid productivity losses, and limit turnover expense.

When you find your key people getting bogged down with “C” and “D” level tasks, take the pressure off by using temporary employees or  support personnel to help them stay focused on their most important duties, eliminate bottlenecks in productivity and reduce worker stress.

It’s important to maintain adequate staff levels. But for most organizations, hiring is not a core competency.  If you’re spending lots of time finding and screening job candidates, your attention to critical business responsibilities becomes diverted.

PSG is here to help. We can partner with your business to help you determine your personnel needs and suggest alternatives to satisfy those needs. Contact us and we’ll put our PSG team to work for you.

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