10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing-Week 8: Take Advantage of Staffing Firm’s HR Capabilities

Reducing your company’s bottom line doesn’t have to cost you time, efficiency and productivity. Professional Staffing Group is your strategic partner and can help you craft a staffing strategy that saves you time and money. In this series, you will learn 10 practical strategies for controlling costs with staffing. This is Week 8 in the series.

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Strategy #8: Take Advantage of Staffing Firm’s HR Capabilities

If hiring duties are side-tracking your key employees, PSG can handle screening, testing, interviewing, and reference checking. Our expertise can free your personnel to concentrate on critical activities, and can reduce your time to hire.

At PSG, we developed our proven, statically verifiable ProApproach™ Processes to measure and track performance and ensure a good fit between PSG candidates and recruiters.

In today’s recruiting world, candidate evaluation may be as valued if not more than the search process itself. While the hunt is still time consuming and costly, technology has allowed many employers access to more candidates through their own efforts. But sometimes “more” is too much when it comes to drilling through responses and identifying qualified folks.

We find, filter, and evaluate so you only spend time with qualified candidates.

ACA compliance is another area where PSG can help both large (50+ employees) and small (less than 50 employees) businesses. As a staffing firm with more than 50 employees, PSG is required to provide benefits in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. PSG provides access to this coverage. PSG candidates hired by your firm pay for their own coverage, so this is not an added cost to your bottom line.

Large businesses that are required to provide coverage and comply with ACA guidelines can be assured that candidates hired through PSG will also meet those requirements. Additionally, PSG candidates that are hired for smaller firms will receive ACA benefits, even if your small business is not able to or is not required to provide coverage to employees. This allows small businesses to hire well-qualified workers and remain competitive.

For more information on how partnering with PSG can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency, contact PSG today.

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