10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing-Week 7: Reduce the Risk of Hiring Mistakes

If you are looking to improve operating margins in your business, then take a look at staffing strategy. In this series, you’ll learn 10 practical strategies for using staffing to reduce overhead, manage operating costs, and improve organizational performance. Professional Staffing Group is your strategic partner and can help you craft a staffing strategy tailored for the way you do business. This is Week 7 in the series.

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Strategy #7: Reduce the Risk of Hiring Mistakes

A bad hire can cost you between two and seven times the employee’s annual salary. Staffing firms like PSG follow rigorous screening procedures for both temporary personnel and direct hires, which increased your changes of getting the right person for the job. They will most often provide candidates who not only possess the skills and experience you require, but who also have the personality traits needed to thrive in your work environment. To further reduce hiring risk, you can also take advantage of PSG’s Pro temp-to-hire services and direct placement services. Everything we do is guaranteed.

One thing that sets PSG apart from other staffing firms is our ProApproach™ to hiring. Our processes are anchored in our core values and designed to complete our mission – to deliver the best possible experience with PSG and exceed expectations. Inherent in the ProApproach is accountability. We consistently track activities and measure results. That means our claims are statistically verifiable.

Abandoning traditional staffing firm models, PSG created the ProApproach Recruitment Model for Temp, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire and High Volume needs.  It starts with having the right people on the Team.

  • PSG Specialty Recruiters are HR professionals with a thorough knowledge of the local labor market.
  • Two Specialty Recruiters are partnered to work in tandem in specialty areas in which they have expertise.
  • Both Recruiters develop a comprehensive understanding of client’s needs and conduct candidate evaluations together.
  • Sourcers are assigned to the Recruiters to handle social media and technology management, internet searches, job board and posting oversight, resume pre-screening, and all administrative duties associated with scheduling interviews, candidate and client follow up, keeping Recruiters free to work more closely with clients and qualified candidates.
  • Activities are tracked daily and results measured using advanced analytics tools.
  • PSG Directors review all open job orders weekly and support Recruiters as needed to ensure PSG delivers on its mission – to create the best experience possible and exceed expectations of both candidates and clients.

With our experience and proven results, PSG can help you find the right candidates and avoid costly hiring mistakes. Contact us today!

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