10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing-Week 4: Reduce training costs, scrap and rework

Staffing is the biggest expense for most companies. In this series, you’ll learn ten different strategies for managing your staff effectively. If part of your business’ growth strategy is to reduce staffing costs, contact Professional Staffing Group. We have the tools you need to maximize profitability.

This is Week 4 in the series. Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 are available online.

Strategy #4: Reduce training costs, scrap and rework

Training is expensive—and not just the hard dollar cost of the training program. There are also the soft costs of lower profitability and poorer quality that result from employing novice staff. Cut training costs and improve quality and productivity by employing skilled temporary employees.

By working closely with staffing partners like Professional Staffing Group, you can gain access to candidates who are well-trained and have experience in the skills you need. To enhance productivity further, partner with us to create an initial orientation and training program for new hires.

Some businesses delay filling vacancies to save the cost of training. Don’t let your organization fall victim to the “we’ll just make do” attitude. Let us help you:

  • Take the time to evaluate the risks and consequences of vacancies in your workforce.
  • If appropriate, design a plan to eliminate these vacancies.
  • Hire people with the skills and temperament to succeed in your work environment.
  • Keep these valuable employees satisfied and happy to be working with you.

Yes, there are costs involved in developing a well-functioning hiring and retention procedures, but the time and money you spend will be far less than the alternative.

Professional Staffing Group can help you build a team that will give you the best chance of remaining successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Contact us today at 601.981.1658 or info@prostaffgroup.com.

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