5 Things Every Company Needing to Hire Should Do

Ready to hire and not sure what to do first? Consider these tips to build a hiring strategy that will serve both your immediate concerns and your long-term growth potential.

Analyze Your Needs

Are they short-term immediate requirements or part of a long-range strategy? If you need to staff for a project or to gain specific skill sets, consider temporary or contract staffing rather than adding to your permanent team.

Take Your Time Hiring

Don’t rush the hiring process. Create a process that allows you to identify and attract top talent to your company. But don’t hire more people than you need. It’s better to be slightly understaffed and bring in temporaries to fill the gaps than it is to hire people you will have to let go. That’s bad business for you, and the job seeker and it can harm your reputation in the community or among investors.

Hire for Retention

As you interview each new candidate, keep the long-term in mind. Do their skills and background fit into your business objectives? Will they be able to reach their career goals at your company or is this job just a stepping stone for them?

Choose the Right Interviewers

Your hiring strategy is only as good as the people doing the hiring. Choose interviewers who know the position, the company goals for the position and are skilled interviewers. They should be able to make the candidate feel comfortable, elicit information and ask good follow up questions. He should also be able to effectively communicate his impressions to the rest of the hiring team.

Look To Your Current Team

Your existing employees are your best source of new people, so always look to them first. They know the company’s goals and understand what it’s like to work there. Ask them to provide you with leads to people who might be a good fit for your company.

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