2015 Recruiting Trends to Watch

As 2014 comes to an end, companies across the country are preparing for 2015 by doing a couple of different things. Companies are preparing their operating budgets for 2015 and are determining whether or not they need to hire more employees. For those of you working in human resources or who work as hiring managers, the following recruiting trends in this post need to be watched closely in 2015.

Video Recruiting is Exploding

If video recruiting is not the most popular recruiting trend in 2015, then we will be surprised. Video recruiting is exploding right now and companies are even using it to acquire new clients/customers. For the most part, companies will use video recruiting to show potential employees what it is like to work at the company and how passionate current employees are about their jobs.

Social Media Still Growing

Even though Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have been around for a while now, they still continue to grow in the recruiting industry. Companies will move even further into the use of social media as a tool to recruit new employees. Companies will engage with potential employees more often on social media, including posting job openings and even starting forums or conversations about their organization or openings.

Shift to Mobile Content

The shift to the mobile market has been enormous over the past couple of years and was really prevalent in 2013, when the sale of smartphones outperformed the sale of regular mobile phones for the first time in history. If your company does not move to the mobile market in terms of content, it will struggle with recruiting talent. Many job seekers look for their next job using a mobile device because they are constantly on the go. This means that companies need to invest in more mobile content.

Online Communities are Important

Much like in years’ past, online communities are very important for companies looking to recruit potential employees. Companies can use online communities to open discussions with clients and potential employees about the services they offer and the positions they have available. When companies make themselves available to the public, it makes it easier to connect with them, especially when it comes to recruiting new talent.

Brand Talent Recruiting

Many companies are putting together a brand of talent that they want their potential employees to have. When companies do this, they are more likely to reduce the turnover rate at their company and even drop the percentage of bad hires made by the company.

If you are a hiring manager, human resource professional or recruiter, consider looking out for one or more of these recruiting trends in 2015. If you can get your company to partake in one or more of them, then your hires should be successful within your organization.

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