How to Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Why can’t you just wave a magic wand and have your new people instantly trained and ready to work. You’re bringing in more staff because you have work that needs to get done. Is there any way to make it easier – and a little faster?

Make A List

Unless this is your first new employee, you have an idea what new people need to get started. Have a list of supplies for newcomers. Create a training checklist with a timeline so that the employee or temporary and his supervisor know what is expected of them by when. Keep all onboarding forms in one place, preferably online.

Be Prepared for New People

You’d be surprised how often this doesn’t happen. Make sure they have some sort of workstation that’s set up with everything they need. Make sure it’s clean. Put someone in charge of supplying them with basics like a computer, phone, paper, pens and a chair.

Assign A Mentor

Dedicate a point person to take responsibility for your new hire. He can allow the new person to job shadow them, make sure they know where to find things and who to ask questions of.

Allow Self-Paced Training

Everyone learns different ways and at different rates. Provide videos so that a trainer doesn’t have to go over the same material more than once.  Online trainings can be conducted at the employee’s desk between his other duties and at his own pace.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Good staffing agencies can help you to streamline your onboard process by providing people who are well-trained and ready to work. They’ll partner with you to be sure the candidate gets up to speed quickly and check it to make sure the whole process was a success.

If you need help finding new staff and onboarding them to your organization, Professional Staffing Group is here for you. Contact Jackson’s premier recruiting firm today to learn more.