5 Tips to Keep Your Recruiting Budget Manageable and Efficient

It’s true that your staff is the backbone of your company, but that doesn’t mean your recruiting costs have to break the bank. If your staffing budget has gotten out of hand, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. Hiring top talent takes work, but you can do it in a cost-effective manner by streamlining your recruiting process.

Follow these five tips to cut costs, while simultaneously gaining better hires:

1)      Write Better Job Descriptions: It’s easy to simply reuse the same old job description each time you need to fill an open position, but it could give candidates the wrong impression. As time goes by, job duties evolve, which can largely change the scope of the position. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate and rewrite each job description prior to posting.

2)      Hire Temporary Workers: Do you have any staff members you don’t really need to employ on a permanent basis? If you employ a large staff due to seasonal fluctuations or employees with very specialized talents that you don’t use all the time, hire them on a temporary basis, so you pay for their services only when needed.

3)      Take Your Time: When you’re short a team member, you want to fill the position as quickly as possible. However, rushing into it can easily result in a bad hire. Take on a temporary worker for the interim, then take your time finding a candidate who has the necessary skills to succeed and is a great cultural fit.

4)      Ask for Employee Referrals: When it comes to hiring, your employees may be one of your largest untapped resources. There’s a good chance your very talented and loyal team members have friends, former colleagues and acquaintances that would make a great addition to your workforce.

5)      Test Candidates’ Skills: There’s nothing worse than hiring a candidate only to find they’ve elaborated the skills section of their resume and really are not qualified for the job. Combat this issue by presenting top contenders with a skills test. Let them prove they have what it takes to join your team, rather than simply taking their word for it.

If you need to lower your staffing budget, Professional Staffing Group can help. Contact us today to cut costs by streamlining your staffing process. As Jackson’s premier recruiting firm, we understand how to help businesses leverage their staffing budgets more effectively to help meet company goals.