How to Spot a Candidate With Leadership Potential

As your company prepares to hire new employees, it’s important to focus on candidates who have the potential to become future leaders within the organization. You cannot afford to make bad hires because it will take time and money to replace these employees down the road. If you want to hire someone who has leadership potential, you need to make sure they have the seven fundamental leadership qualities explained below.


Your candidate must have passion for what he or she is doing in life or in their career. Passion allows people to push through even the most difficult of times at work. When they have passion, they are more likely to stick with it and give it their all each day they are on the job.


When looking at a job candidate for leadership potential, you need to make sure he or she has integrity. Integrity is a mix of ethics, consistency and honesty. It is the core of being a good leader because it will keep them standing tall in the face of adversity. If integrity is missing, then it can be difficult for employees to trust their managers or supervisors.


Courage is a make-it-or-break-it quality that can affect whether or not a candidate will be leadership material for your company. A leader who has courage will be able to make tough decisions in the face of adversity and even make decisions when the situation might not be a popular one.


Judgment is another important quality that all candidate should have if you want him or her to be a good leader. A person who has good judgment will be able to make strong business decisions and other choices. Having them ask the right questions of a difficult situation can do figuring out which candidate will be a good leader.


Good leaders will have a strong vision of where the company or department is headed. If there is no vision, he or she will not be able to persuade their employees to move towards a new direction at the company.

Emotional Intelligence

A strong leader will be able to take a long, hard look at themselves to figure out what their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots are at work. A strong leader will put pride aside and ask others around him or her to help them figure out what they need to improve upon to become a better leader at work.


Some of the best leaders are able to figure out what makes their employees tick. Having empathy as a leader is very important because it allows you to determine what each individual employee’s underlying agenda is at the office.

As you prepare to hire new employees, you must make sure your candidates have the seven traits outlined in this post if you are looking for potential leaders.

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